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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

From The Mailbox

Click here for more from Project Runway Season Five designer Terri Stevens and Highball Halloween. Thanks Cliff!

Korto Momolu will be speaking at Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs NY) on Saturday. Click here for more information.

Click here for a new interview with Christian Siriano including a little bit about his yet-untitled new show. A highlight: "I think it’s best to be as normal as possible and, luckily, I just happen to be entertaining already.”

Click here for an interview with Christian on NPR's "All Things Considered."

Here is Blayne Walsh as Peter Pan on Halloween.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend News

Photo: Second City Style

Terri Stevens and Steven Rosengard attended the grand re-opening of B Boutique in Chicago. Click here for the story from Second City Style.

Nick Verreos will be at UCLA for "Out For Work" today. Click here for details.

Are you looking for the final episode of Project Runway Canada? Click here to watch.

Click here for Johanne's recap.

Click here for an interview with Brian Bailey.

Click here for an interview with Sunny Fong.

Click here for an interview with Jessica Biffi.

Project Runway season five designers Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld were judges at a fashion competition in Springfield Illinois. Click here for details and a photo of the winning garment.

Monday, February 09, 2009

From The Mailbox

The Jay McCarroll documentary, "Eleven Minutes" is opening in select theaters on February 20th. Click here for more information.

This New York Daily News article offers lots of speculation about the Season Six finale at Bryant Park on Feb. 20th. As expected, the finale collections will be presented without introducing the designers. Don't miss the quotes from Jane Cha, Jay McCarroll and our own Tbone!

Nick Verreos is one of the judges for Project Red Dress in Seattle on Friday, Feb. 13th. We'd love a field report.

Terri Stevens has a new Fashion Blog. Check out her take on Grammy Fashions.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: Reuters
Laura Bennett and Jay McCarroll comment on Inaugural Fashion here in The Daily Beast.

Attention Chicago: Terri Stevens will join other local reality stars tonight at RA Sushi. Click here for more information.

Blayne Walsh's "Tom Ford for President" t-shirts are available here.

The High-Schooler continues his Top Ten Countdown here.

Monday, November 03, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

Do you recognize this "Demented Priscilla Presley?" I didn't!
Click here for the reveal.

Kelli Martin sends in these photos from Columbus Ohio's Highball Halloween. That's Terri Stevens on the left and Kelli on the right.

This skeleton costume was Kelli's entry in the Halloween Fashion Show.

Meanwhile, Michael Kors "Doesn't care where Project Runway airs."

One more Heidi and Tim - thanks Harvey H!

Please keep sending them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

From The Mailbox

Photo: Jean-Marcus Strole

Blayne Walsh is featured in Seattle's DList magazine. There is also a fashion spread inside. Click here to see photos.

"Fashion House" is casting in Miami on November 8th. Click here for more.

Modcloth features a new interview with Kara Janx.

Kelli Martin is preparing for a fashion show in Columbus on November 21st.

I knew that Terri Stevens was a Michael Jackson fan, but I did not realize that she was an impersonator...

Nick Verreos previews the new Marc Jacobs line.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From The Mailbox

Jay McCarroll has designed two lines of fabric for Free Spirit. Click here to see the "Garden Friends" line and click here to see "Woodland Wonderland."

Elisa Jimenez has been working with the costume designers of High School Musical 3, premiering on October 24th. Click here for more info.

Here is a nice brief summary of the current status of Project Runway. I realize that most of you are already aware, but there are still a few who are catching up. Also, I believe that there is another court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Attention Columbus, Ohio: Celebrate Halloween with Kelli Martin and Terri Stevens. Click here for more info.

Here is a story about Jessica Herrick, one of the models walking for Leanne in the finale.

Friday, October 03, 2008

From The Mailbox

Photo courtesy of

NY judge dismisses a suit
in favor of Project Runway producers. (No, not THAT case....)

Click here for a new interview with Jerell Scott from our friends at DeNovo Magazine.

E! Online features a poll for the best quote of the night.

Columbus Alive has posted a new interview with Kelli Martin.

Just in case you missed it, click here for a link to a new Terri Stevens interview including a video.

Ricky Lizalde will be hosting this gallery party in Escondido.

Click here for a new interview with Tim Gunn and Gretta Monahan.

Did you miss the premiere of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style last night because you were watching debate coverage? Have no fear, the Bravo schedule presents many more opportunities to catch this episode including today at 2:30.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BPR Exit Interview With Terri Stevens

It was a BPR first. All three members of the team were on hand to interview Terri and Blayne last Thursday. We gathered in our hotel's business center and set Tbone's cell on speakerphone. We had our questions written out ahead of time and tried to stay organized, but of course there were times when we were talking over each other and interrupting. I scribbled furiously serving as secretary.

Terri was cheerful and full of positive energy.
Click here to continue.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

BPR Love for Terri Stevens

Each week you quickly produced garments, often composed of multiple pieces. They were always well-executed and usually contenders for the win. You were a worthy opponent, competitive and focused. In this outing you listened to the feedback from the judges and took the opportunity to reconsider the look you presented showing an open-mind and savvy. This was the only time you were at the bottom of the pack and it unfortunately came when two were on the chopping block. We saw your ferocious talent with sportswear that won praise again and again on the runway. You brought the spunky attitude along with your ability, Terri, and we always need that to keep things interesting.

This post is only for positive words for Terri Stevens or her work. If you have anything else to say about other designers or the challenge, please click here.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unsung Beauty

One of the other winners among the Saturn crowd were the pants created by Terri Stevens. This girl can whip up a pair in no time and these were very well done. There was serious discussion amongst the Saturn hoi polloi about how these could be marketed. The guys thought they could be made into motorcycle pants. The finish was amazing given the time constraints and I loved the detail at the top.

The contrast between the front and back of the pant was really cool.

Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of her top, but this look could have easily been chosen for the Top 3. There was another design that I thought was of little interest while watching the show, but in person ended up being surprisingly chic and beautiful.

Click here to see!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 4

Our polls for Episode 4 are closed. You disagreed with the judges and felt that Terri Stevens deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You agreed with judges and thought that Jennifer should have been the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 5 poll.

Monday, August 11, 2008

From The Mailbox

David Gilmore at Prettyontheoutside has posted his sketches of Blayne and Stella. Love these!

Project Stunway is back!

There is still time to vote in our Episode Four poll.

You have predicted that Kenley, Terri and Daniel will be the final three.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Audition Videos!

Our friends at have posted audition videos for the Season Five designers.

Click here for Terri's audition video.

Click here for Keith's audition video.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Terri Is So Very

Three episodes into season 5 of Project Runway, we're all still trying to figure out who's who amongst the designers. Separating the characters from the real talent takes a little while when faced with such a large cast. But one designer has come seemingly from out of nowhere to make a strong, early mark on the competition with her designs.

Terri Stevens has been working as a stylist and designer on the edges of the fashion industry for years,trying to make a mark with her "funky street chic" designs. It takes more than talent to make it on your own as a freelancer, and Project Runway has provided her a golden opportunity to show what she can do. She has not disappointed.

Photo from

When we saw her grab those mopheads at Gristedes in the opening challenge we thought...ugh. But the gorgeous braided halter she created surprised everyone with its innovation. And in the Episode 2 "green" challenge, she was duly robbed of a place in the Top 3 with her navy ruffled silk/hemp dress. We suspect a bit of producer meddling put Stella on the runway in Terri's place.

In "Bright Lights/Big City", recognition finally came her way. Even though it didn't win, her backless print dress drew praise from the judges and a spot in the top 3. We feel like we've barely seen or heard anything from Terri in the first three episodes and we hope that changes soon. Based on her design work so far, we can confidently say that Terri Is So Very......good.

Friday, August 01, 2008

From The Mailbox

Here is a video interview with Emily Brandle from TV Guide. Thanks Robyn.

Click here for a recap of Episode Three from Oregon Live.

Finally the SeenOn blog reveals the secret of how Daniel's model got in and out of the blue cup dress.

Click here for a closer look at Jerry's design and Keith's design from episode one.

Click here to see Terri's and Wesley's.

Click here for Blayne's and Jerell's.

Andy Cohen notes that Episode Three judge Sandra Bernhard had never watched an episode of Project Runway.... Hmmmmm.... Thanks Ann.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Note From Suede

Photo from Suede's MySpace

Season 5 designer Suede sends along this in anticipation for tonight's premiere:

What an INCREDIBLE experience I have had.. I would love for you send my love to all the fans of Project Runway and tell them all I will see them on the runway.

All my love and thanks again for your support.


Also, thanks to reader Trevor for tracking down the MySpace pages for Jerell Scott and Terri Stevens. We've updated our cast post with the new info.

Good luck to all the designers. We're getting closer and closer to show time!