Monday, October 05, 2015

Project Runway All-Star Designers at FashioNXT in Portland Oct. 7-10

SethAaron Henderson, Michelle Lesniak, Mondo Guerra and Viktor Luna are showing their newest designs at FashioNXT in Portland this week.

Seth Aaron spoke with us today about the event.  

A highlight:

BPR:  Seth, how many seasons have you participated in the FashioNXT event?

SH:  This is my fifth year!

BPR:  What keeps you coming back?

SH:  First, the founder, Tito, has become a good friend.  It is his passion to make it great.  He loves it.  He gives it everything he's got.  And, in return it makes us want to do the same.

BPR:  How many looks are you showing this season?

SH:  We are keeping it down to ten.  There are three of us showing on Saturday night and you get us plus thirty models and everything else backstage and it can get kind of hectic.  Ten looks is enough.  Just like on Project Runway, you have to get your point of view across in ten looks - you have to be thoughtful fillers!

Click here for the full interview.

Click here for more information about FashioNXT.

If any of our readers is able to attend, we would love a field report!

A sneak peek at one of SethAaron's designs