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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Message From Mondo

Dear BPR, 

World AIDS Day is tomorrow, December 1st. 

Reflecting on my own journey living with HIV—starting with the idea of self-love. I created this design to honor those who we have lost to HIV, acknowledge the progress made since the outset of the epidemic and remind us that there is still work to be done in the fight against HIV/AIDS. 

I hope others will use this as source of inspiration and an opportunity to start a new conversation. Will you take a stand against HIV/AIDS with me on World AIDS Day and apply this filter to your Facebook profile picture? 

Please visit to download the filter—the site walks you through all the steps and it takes minutes to apply. Please also share this with others and encourage them to update their photos as well, because while we may not all be infected by HIV, we are ALL affected by HIV. 

Yours, Mondo

Project Runway Jr. "Teamwork is Hard" Preview Video

The designers are divided into two teams and must create cohesive mini collections inspired by different decades.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reactions to Project Runway Junior Episode 2

The Project Runway Junior designers went to the car wash for an unconventional materials challenge. What did you think of the results? Post your reactions to Episode 2 here.

BPR Party: Throwback Thursday Special and PR Jr. Episode 2

Hi everyone - we have another double whammy tonight as we celebrate Tim Gunn's Throwback Thursday Special followed by Episode 2 of Project Runway Junior. No one seems to have any idea what the Throwback Special will consist of other than a rehash of past drama and Tim voiceovers. PR Jr. gives us an unconventional materials challenge with a trip to car wash. Click the comment tab to join the party!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sam Donovan Runway Report

BPR Field Reporter Tina Guthmann attended Sam's show in Boston and sends us this report - thanks Tina!

Sam Donovan, runner-up in the first season of Lifetime’s Under the Gunn, presented his collection as a part of the Fashionably Late series at Boston’s Liberty Hotel on November 5. Sam is a native of the Boston area, so it’s always fun to support him. This time, Sam presented what I like to call a ‘sporty glam’ look.  We know that athletic wear is the new casual wear for those who work out (and those who don’t) so I was happy to see Sam’s interpretation. He takes it up a notch and makes it dressy, too. His inspiration was a Twitter argument that attacked Serena Williams for looking masculine and resulted in author JK Rowling coming to her rescue.  How is that for the start of a collection? 

As Sam states,"It just felt like this amazing, empowering moment that challenged the idea of what it meant to "look like a woman". There have been so many instances challenging what is "womanly", and could feel the fury that Rowling and Williams must have felt at that comment. So I wanted both a sporty feeling, but the look of a warrior, so I looked to Furiosa and Mad Max for a little bit of edge; yet another challenge to the conventional idea of femininity.

Click here to continue and to see more photos.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Project Runway Junior, "An Unconventional Carwash" Preview Video

The young designers must create garments using items found at a car wash.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reactions to the S14 reunion and PR Jr. Episode 1

It was a double dose of Project Runway tonight as we bid farewell to Season 14 and hello to project Runway Junior. What did you think of both? Post your reactions here.

BPR Party: S14 Reunion and PR Jr. Episode 1

Hello again Project Runway fans! We have a big night ahead of us as we say a final farewell to the S14 designers with a one hour reunion special followed by the premiere of Project Runway Junior. We will meet 12 talented teens who will battle it out on the runway each week to compete for a scholarship to FIDM, $25,000 and other prizes. The BPR party crew is ready to watch it all go down. Click the comment tab to join in!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Sunday, November 08, 2015


One last stroll down Recapper lane as we bid farewell to S14:

Suzq glitters all the things...
Democracy Diva has a few hundred thousand problems...
Uncle Nick is feeling phenomenal...
Gianni doesn't see mumsy anymore...
Mila is feeling nostalgic...
Althea wants more glam, less rave...
Second City Style says the fix was in...
Alexander is on the same page as the judges...
Mollie likes what she sees...

And Toyouke is finally free!

Thank you recappers, see you in Season 15?