Monday, October 29, 2007

Laura Bennett Meets Fans at Mood

Hey BPRs,

This weekend my designer daughter Stephanie, her construction specialist Aunt Lisa, my wife, Sylvia, and I went to Mood Fabrics in the heart of the Garment District in New York City.

Soon after we arrived, Laura Bennett came in to pick up an order. In person Laura was delightful to speak with. Laura took time to speak with Stephanie, pose for a picture and gave her some tips on sewing for a 10 year old. Stephanie spoke to Laura about making a sequined jacket. For sewing sequins, Laura recommends removing the sequins from the seam allowance then re-sewing the sequins in by hand. Sewing machines do not like to sew over sequins. Priceless information and good advice for a 10 year old and the parents who will help with the sewing!

Laura does not dress down just as she said in the beginning of Season 2 and looks stunning in person. I jokingly apologized for wearing jeans. My wife, Sylvia, talked to Laura about her boots. Sylvia adores Laura’s boots and mentioned what a difficult time she has finding boots that fit. Laura provided the perfect solution – riding boots – they come in a variety of widths. Stephanie is taking horse riding lessons and we talked about that for a while. Laura told us that she herself rides horses and her daughter is an accomplished rider.

We chatted briefly about her life as a recognizable personality. Laura told us that she likes meeting fans of the show especially children. Then Laura was off to take care of business. Thank you Laura for a great time and Love to the family.

Kind Regards,