Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend News Update

Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon wearing a Rami Kashou design - also at the US Weekly "Hot in Hollywood" event. Cute shoes!

There are a couple of interesting items in this release from Variety.

First, Season Five on Bravo will be 14 episodes. That's nice to know... BUT - the five-year deal with Lifetime includes 28 episodes per year for a total of 140! Two seasons per year, BPRs. Fall and Spring Fashion Weeks perhaps?

Team BPR will have to increase the budget for travel expenses....

Here is the really long run-on sentence describing this: "Any matching would be convoluted because the Lifetime deal encompasses not only 140 future episodes of "Runway" (28 a year over the five-year length of the contract) but 70 Weinstein movies, and two more 14-episode reality series: a half-hour spinoff called "The Models of Project Runway" and "Project Pygmalion," a career-makeover show in which an average woman goes through a training drill with experts and consultants to learn about a discipline she aspires to pursue."

Meanwhile, the latest Ninaville gossip from Jezebel. I'm actually kind of hurt that I haven't observed any of this on BPR. It wasn't long ago that Nina appeared on a talk show (I think it was Larry King) and when asked, declared that she didn't read blogs.

Check out Nina's take on Spring trends here at Flypaper.