Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tim Gunn at the 92nd Street Y

Tim Gunn spoke at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday night and The Huffington Post has a great report on the lecture here.

A highlight:

Gunn suffered through so much bullying as a kid that he now considers himself an anti-bullying activist. He recalled the bleakest moment of his childhood when he went from school to school and said, "I reached a point where I saw no light -- where I thought, 'Oh god, yet another boarding school with yet another roommate who was made uncomfortable by me.'" And that's when his world turned upside down. He was hospitalized for a suicide attempt, and luckily his whole family stood by to support him. He had an amazing therapist who helped to change his life. Now Gunn is able to say with complete confidence, "Things happen for a reason -- even awful things." And that's where his "make it work" mentality came from.