Saturday, December 04, 2010

A New Interview with Tim Gunn

A highlight:

You’ve had a big year, between Project Runway, appearing in that amazing Emmys opener, and a new book. Do you have a personal highlight?

I do and it’s not on your list, because you wouldn’t know about it. It was being part of filming the new Smurfs movie, which comes out next August. That was the most fabulous, wonderful, joyous nine days of filming I could ever imagine. It was glorious. Oh, but what am I. . .being on the New York Times best-seller list! I’m hugely proud of the book and I’m always saying if I were ever to get a tattoo it would be my Library of Congress catalogue number. Well, now I can say numbers! I could have one on each arm!

Click here for the full interview from Real Simple.

There is still time to order Tim's book for the holidays!