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Saturday, January 12, 2013

BPR Interview with Joshua McKinley

Project Runway All Star designer, Joshua McKinley, talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:  

BPR: What was the best thing about the trip to Paris? 

 JM: The opportunity to see the Valentino Couture show. I mean I can't even describe it. I am just a boy from Ohio and I never even dreamed that I would have this opportunity. I will never forget it. 

BPR: Did you spend all of your 3000 euros on fabric? 

 JM: It was an extremely generous budget. That's $3800 American dollars. I mean we had a ton of money to spend. I was a little under because my fabric was not one of the luxurious "Oh my God I have to touch the fabric right now" fabrics. 

 BPR: Knowing what you do now, if you could go back to Paris, would you choose something different? Would you do anything different at all? 

 JM: I would not change a thing. Not at all. I stand by my vision. The vision was solid. It was so on point. Sometimes the garment is about the narrative. I also welcomed the opportunity to re-make the dress as a "ready-to-wear" option.

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Thank you Josh!