Friday, October 09, 2015

Project Runway's Kate Pankoke Presents 2016 Bridal at Charity Event

 BPR Field Reporter Jen Mara sends us this report from Kate Pankoke's event.  
Thank you Jen!

A beautiful night tonight at the Marquee club in midtown NYC. Tonight Project Runway's Kate Pankoke supports the cancer-fighting bride during bridal week. 

Lolly's Locks Backstage
Lolly's Locks is a non-profit organization that covers 100 percent of the cost of wigs (generally $1500 - $3000) for cancer patients.  (A cost which modern insurance does not cover, and many patients can not afford.) Lolly's Locks brings a dream to reality. 

After many inspiring words from Lolly's family, friends and "The View's" Joy Behar, it is clear the message here is to leave a mark that lasts past your life -it is the only way you can help humanity. Thank you Lolly for continuing to teach us. 

Each model walked the runway with a Lolly's Locks wig and a stunning gown from the Spring 2016 collection from Elaya Vaughn designed by Project Runway's own Kate Pankoke. The designs are new and fresh. Click here for more photos. 

Lolly's daughters spoke emotionally, thoughtfully and truthfully about the fight, their fight and how they represent their mom. Please help them promote and provide.  Elaya Vaughn gowns are beautiful and the charity bridal show drew attention and funding to this important cause.  Thank you Kate!

Jennifer Mara
Jen and Kate