Sunday, February 03, 2008

BPR at the Elisa Jimenez Show

Team BPR thanks NYC-based Field Reporter, Nancy T for this fabulous report!

On Sunday February 3, Elisa Jimenez invited friends and press to Touch for her show, “The Hunger World.” This was, as expected, a unique contribution to Fashion Week. The program describes it better than I can: “The Hunger World is a pseudo-fictitous world I began working with as an artistic and philosophical foundation some 18 years ago via the making of video, marionettes, writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and installation. Fashion introduced itself to the Hunger World, accidentally and on purpose in 1994…Welcome them as you would aspects of yourselves, fragmented, symbolized, embodied, mythified, evolved and evolving, nourishing and nurtured, hungry and fed, devoured and devouring.”

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