Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laura K Checks In

Greetings BPRs! I am having a blast in NYC. First I want to thank my hostess, Roz, who very generously offered to share her apartment while I am here. It is an easy walk to Bryant Park and a beautiful home. I am on her laptop and not completely familiar with how everything works, but I figured it was about time that I checked in.

This morning was Malan Breton's Show. Tbone and I met in the lobby of the tent and joined fellow BPRs, Rie, Travis and Maddie in the line. Soon we were joined by Minx, Nancy T and her daughter Sarah as well as Diana Eng and Katy Gerdes. Here is Tbone with Maddie and Diana.

After we were seated we spotted Emmett McCarthy, Angela Keslar, Season Three model Katie Champion, Freddie Leiba (Trivia: Freddie Leiba was a judge on which episode?) and Fern Mallis. Emmett joined us for a while before the show began. He is having a big clearance sale at EMc2! I'll try to get there tomorrow.

We also greeted Tom and Lorenzo and their gorgeous friend, Anne.

The show was wonderful and the ever-efficient Scarlett had the photos posted into a slideshow for you before I could even phone in a report! Thanks Scar. Nancy T filed her report very quickly too - I am clearly the slowpoke.

Malan should be very very proud of this show. I was at his show in September - which was beautiful of course, but I feel that these designs were even more polished and sophisticated. Also, Malan has that definite "point of view" that we are always hearing about. I suspect that we would know these were Malan's designs even if we weren't told in advance.

After the show we went backstage to congratulate Malan and to meet up with Amanda Fields. Malan was gracious as always and agreed to meet us for dinner later. We also met up with Snowflakebebe - one of the original BPRs!

Amanda was finishing up an interview for an episode of "The Malan Show." Afterward, she joined Tbone and I, Nancy T and Sarah for brunch. It is completely possible that we will see Amanda in the finale show on Friday but she wasn't telling us a thing!