Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Note From Keith Bryce

Photo: Julie Parker

I recently received a note from a reader mentioning that Keith Bryce's work was featured on this photographer's site. (Thank you Salvador.) I followed up with a note to Keith asking for confirmation and to discover what he has been doing lately. Thank you for your gracious response, Keith.

Yep that's all me... It's a whole new level of design since Project Runway.. I find myself in a battle to make it to New York Fashion Week somehow. Trying to find a way of making my own second chance. I got so depressed after the show because I really felt I didn't really get to show my true talent. I think it was harder on me then most. I've just wanted to show a collection in New York my whole life and I won't stop until I do...

Now more inspired then ever to leave my mark and become an international success, I've been designing fashion photography, deciding everything from model and hair to wardrobe and concept.. I'm now looking for an agency to help rep me as a conceptual stylist and potentially get me editorial magazine work/recognized. Then I can do that until I can fund my own big fashion show or I meet the right people to get behind me.. Then hopefully Paris next..

I've done so much in the last year I feel like a new person. Sorry everyone but I've kind of quit the gym and I'm working on my fashion 24/7 so hopefully very soon I'll be moving to the city. Just trying to have work lined up so I will be able to get a place big enough for my studio... Most of my great new portfolio work has been done in the last six months so.

I've been working hard. I'm ready for some one to notice.. So am I busy? Yeah but because I make it that way. Not because of that many jobs but because job or not I'm always creating my next big project..

I wish I knew any of the new designers but I don't... I barely got to know the other ones. he he =)

Please check out if you would like to see more of my current work... [Also more here!] It's good to know I'm not forgotten about yet.. I'll figure out a way to make it to the top.. you wait and see.

I'm excited to see what happens next.. talk soon.

Keith Bryce