Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Project Runway Australia Season 2 Cast

While we're waiting for the Project Runway Season 6 cast announcement from Lifetime on July 9th we can have fun with Project Runway Australia Season 2 which premieres on Wednesday, July 8th. (As I write this it is already the 8th down under.) Click here for their promo video. The Aussie cast is Amber Renae (watch Amber's video intro here), Anthony Capon (watch Anthony's video intro here), Claudia Chabo (watch Claudia's intro here), Ivana Stipicic (watch Ivana's intro video here), Jason Chetcuti (watch Jason's intro video here), Kellyanne Russell (watch Kellyanne's intro video here), Mark Neighbour (watch Mark's intro video here), Michael Finch (watch Michael's intro video here), Ryan Whelan (watch Ryan's intro video here), William Lazootin (watch William's intro video here) and Yopie Stafurik (watch Yopie's intro video here).

The show premieres on July 8th and we will be looking for the episode on YouTube sometime tomorrow if it becomes available.