Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amanda's Take - Season 6 - Episode 4

The designer I would want to work with is Irina, because she seems to be very talented and easy to be around and I loved her work in the last challenge! I am always happy to see the models being utilized more heavily in the challenges! My favorite episode of the season I was on was "Iconic Statement" when we got to pick an icon for our designer to modernize! So much fun!

But then we got.. Jen Rade. WHERE were Michael and Nina!!? The show is Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina. That is what makes it fun, informative and hilarious.

"That's why Valerie's not a designer."

B!tch, please! Jen Rade, come on.. don't pick on the model for having her own style. It might not be what you like, but give me a break! That comment made me frustrated! I don't think Michael or Nina would have gone that far. They would have probably made the point that as a designer you need to pull your own weight, stay true to who you are but cater to the needs of your client. They would never have been that disrespectful to a model!

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