Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations, Althea

This is a classic case of synergy between model and designer. Tanisha articulated what she wanted and Althea interpreted it bringing her own aesthetic to three ambitious pieces. In less skilled hands fashioning separates in mere hours could have been disastrous. Althea provided herself formidable in the previous outings and this week she demonstrated why she should be a contender to take Season 6. Stylist Jennifer Rade said that she wanted to leave with the jacket while Heidi Klum called it very chic. Marie Claire's Zoe Glassner complimented the ensemble as being a "breath of fresh air." A suit was never less stuffy. Congratulations, Althea! Congratulations Team Harper!

This post is only for positive words for Althea Harper. If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you may do so in our Reactions post here.

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