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Shown at NYFW on September 11, 2015

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BPR Interview with Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn generously joined Team BPR on Saturday September 10th - a day after the season 9 finale show and before heading to Washington DC.

Thank you Tim!

BPR: Tim is your favorite designer in the finale?

TG: Yes!

BPR: Do you have anything to do with the All-Star Season?

TG: No.

BPR: Accessories?

TG: No.

BPR: Will you be watching?

TG: I'd like to!

BPR: How many more seasons of Project Runway are you committed to?

TG: Contractually? None.

BPR: Let's talk about Heidi's button bag. Is there anything written on those buttons?

TG: Absolutely.

BPR: Actual names?

TG: Yes!

BPR: Why aren't we seeing the model selection this season?

TG: I don't know. Later in the season you will see me participating in more of the model fittings. You will be seeing more of the models.

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