Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Malan Breton "Fantome" Field Report

Project Runway Season 3 designer, Malan Breton presented his Spring 2012 collection, "Fantome" on September 13th. Mark Yonskie sends us this report - thanks Mark!

Photo: WireImage/Brooke

Greetings BPR,

It was my pleasure to attend Malan's show, Fantome, last week in The Studio in Lincoln Center. I had an excellent vantage point to see the models as they stepped on to the runway. Malan's fans will be happy to know that his smile is wider and his hair higher than ever. It was a delight to see him take his bow at the end with everyone's favorite Project Runway model, Amanda Fields, on his arm; he looked very happy.

Malan put on a great show. Fashion for girls, fashion for boys, a ballerina, a wedding gown, Ronnie Kroell from "Make Me a Supermodel" and a couple of Real Housewives from New York City thrown in just for fun.

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