Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A New Interview with Mondo Guerra from Marie Claire

Project Runway Season 8 finalist, Mondo Guerra talks about All-Stars and more.

A highlight:

Well, what did you hope to accomplish this time around?
I wanted to expand on my design. I was really trying to do new silhouettes and use unexpected fabrics that were out of my own comfort zone. The last thing I wanted was to go in doing the same thing I'd shown before.

Any spoilers for us fans who can't wait until it airs in January?
The challenges were designed to really make the designers work hard. You know how in the regular season, there'll be a challenge where the audience thinks, "This is so simple." You won't see any challenges that are easy.

And who were your Survivor-style allies this time around?
I love Michael Costello. He was on my season, and we became best friends. We still text every day. Our boyfriends are jealous of our friendship. We're basically dating! Ha, I'd totally date him at some point!

Who surprised you most?
Mila Hermanovski. Coming off her season, people said she was so frigid and cold. Honestly, I found her to be very mature and honest not only in her demeanor but in her design work. I was impressed.

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