Friday, November 18, 2011

Project Accessory Episode 4 Recap from Second City Style

Our friends at Second City Style offer this recap and memorable quotes from episode 4.

A highlight:

As for the loser, it came down to not finishing his piece and James (also from Chicago) is kicked off. I don’t know how the rules have changed in the last two episodes but whatever…Still making it up as we go along, I see. We are sorry to see James ( a home-town honey) go! At least he gave his client what she wanted and not just make something he wanted *couchcoughBriancough* or that it was LITERALLY falling apart in front of everyone. I swear I saw a piece of leather hit the floor. And Molly, stop telling everybody that they’re talented as you’re kicking them out the door. Grab a new exit line!

Thank you!