Monday, August 05, 2013

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Conference Call Highlights

This week's guest judge is Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  He co-founded "Tie the Knot," an organization that supports marriage equality.  The bow ties featured in this week's challenge are provided by The Tie Bar which is the online retailer for "Tie The Knot" products.

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Jesse generously participated in a conference call this morning with journalists.  Here are some highlights:

Q.  As a Project Runway fan, is there a Project Runway designer from this season or past seasons that you would like to collaborate with on a bow tie design?

A.  As a matter of fact, we did collaborate with Patricia Michaels on a bow tie design.  True to form, there are a lot of details in her design and it was a challenge to our production to meet Patricia's standards.  This tie will be available in September.  

Q.  What is the favorite tie that you have ever worn?

A.  Viktor Luna has become a friend of mine.  He wore a feathered bow tie on Project Runway and I adored it.  When I met him, I mentioned that I was obsessed with it.  Several weeks later, I received one from him in the mail.  I have worn it a couple of times.  It means so much that he made it for me.  

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