Thursday, February 19, 2015

Leanne Marshall, Fall 2015

Project Runway Season 5 champion, Leanne Marshall, presented her Fall 2015 collection at Lincoln Center last night and BPR Field Reporter, Shannon Moody sends us this report.  Thank you Shannon!
All Photos:  Shannon Marie Moody
Leanne Marshall Debuts at Lincoln Center with SHEER Beauty

And yes, the emphasis on SHEER is fully intentional. Many looks in this 42-piece collection incorporated such delicate sheer effects, from the bodice to really all over! Leanne's work is always feminine and ethereal, but it was great seeing her transition her signature aesthetic to full on red carpet glam and even some sexier pieces. She actually presented twice during NYFW, a RTW presentation at the Affinia Hotel, and then with more upscale looks for her first time presenting at Lincoln Center, The Pavilion. And WOW, what a show, very stunning, eye-catching, out of this world gowns, dresses, and even some separates.

The vibe for this collection was very light and airy, lovely pieces with a gorgeous fit and flowing trains. The color palette ranged from traditional staple colors, such as black and white, to more vibrant pops of color, such as crimson red and burnt orange. Leanne also created some magnificent prints with dye treatments, all thanks to Rit Dyes. 
Her various looks were segmented into separate categories -- Le Voyage (black & forest green staple, signature Leanne pieces), La Chasse de L'amour (many of the Rit hand-painted looks), La Obsession (all about the regal ruby red looks), & La Demence (lots of luxurious navy blue dresses).

My first fashion show ever in NYC was for Leanne Marshall, and I've seen her present many times since then. But I am immensely proud of her continued breathtaking work and for all of her success. I am very happy she was able to present at Lincoln Center and that for her debut showing, I was able to witness it firsthand. These looks were certainly memorable for such a momentous occasion. I am positive we will see some of them very soon on red carpets and the like!


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