Friday, August 28, 2015

BPR Interview with Gabrielle Arruda

Project Runway Season 14 designer, Gabrielle Arruda, talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR:  I have a reader question from Mark:  Do you think someone can be a good designer without having good construction skills?

GA:  Project Runway is not the best showplace for construction skills.  In a normal time frame I think I am able to execute very well.  

You do need a very broad knowledge, a very in-depth knowledge of sewing in order to design, so that you know how to execute an idea.   You need to know which fabrics will work for which designs.  You need to know whether a seam will work, or a closure will rip out.  So sewing is integral to designing, but you don't need to be the greatest sewer.  Then you would be a seamstress and not a designer, but they do go hand in hand. 

BPR:  I have a reader question from Caren:  What was the hardest thing about being on the show?  Do you feel that you were prepared?

GA:  I don't know if you can prepare for Project Runway.  There is so much more that the viewers don't see.  I got stuck in my head a little bit.  It's hard to maintain that strong mental...armor.  I'm a perfectionist and I want to everything "right."  This is impossible on Project Runway. 

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Thank you, Gabrielle!