Friday, October 20, 2006

From The Mailbox

ATTN: Los Angeles

Nick Verreos will be a presenter at the LA Fashion Awards tonight! Sorry for the late notice. It's at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA. Tickets are still available - call 213-480-3232.

Welcome Andrae Gonzalo to the wonderful world of blogging! Let's send Andrae lots of BPR love. Thanks Erica, Abby and Val.

Still wondering about the musical selections for the finale? You aren't the only one! Here is a link to a Bravo blog that helps to answer your questions. Thanks Brenda and Deb.

The Season Finale of Project Runway broke all previous records!

I have a question for you BPRs. Almost everyone agrees that they are "sick of the manufactured drama" but the show is more popular than ever. Why do you think that season three - with the added drama - is so popular? Theories? I'm serious!