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Shown at NYFW on September 11, 2015

Monday, October 30, 2006

Our First Entry Has Arrived!

Are you scrambling to assemble everything required for the perfect Project Runway-themed Halloween costume?

Here is a little inspiration from our very first entry - a "Laura Bennett." Without revealing the costume itself, we can show you what is in "Laura's" purse:

This is from our first contestant...

I decided to go all out and even carry an imaginary Laura purse! Of course, it's sparkly and gold. She of course carries a picture of her husband (Einstein), CG smoothwear lip color in Cabernet, her Harry Winstons, sewing scissors, a paintbrush(for self-portrait painting, of course!,) anti-bacterial hand gel for the kids, and it looks like Frank (and some turtle poop!) have snuck in there as well. Whoops!

Hmmmmm... It looks like "Laura" has snuck in a flask of the non-alcoholic champagne as well.....