Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

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Barbie© is all over the news today as she celebrates her 50th birthday. And just how is this Project Runway related, you might ask? Well in commemoration of the newly AARP-eligible icon, designer (and Top Design judge extraordinaire) Jonathan Adler designed a real-life Malibu Dream House that features a Chris March chandelier in the living room. Made of hair, of course! No, no, this time it's simply Barbie© hair.

Adler tells The Arizona Republic: We did a chandelier that's like a traditional, swoopy chandelier, but instead of glass, this one is made out of blond hair. It's really over the top, and it's really fabulous. Someone said to me, "Is this human hair?" And I said, "No! It's Barbie's hair. It's plastic and fantastic."

You can hear Jonathan Adler talk more about the unique project in this funny interview from NPR's Morning Edition.