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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday News

Photo: Richard Drew/AP

Alison Kelly is always working on something. Now she's a blogger, too! Make sure to check out Alison's Spring/Summer '09 collection "Cast" as well as her collaborative Dahl & Dane line of T-shirts and totes.

Better late than never, here's Fashion In Motion's latest recap of PR Canada...

Blayne Walsh fans can catch a glimpse of their favorite designer at the Peace, Love & Fashion show this Friday where he will he will appear as a guest judge...

Austin Scarlett will be in San Francisco on Thursday at Operation Aisle Style...

Sister site news: Shear Genius 3! Post ABDC finale coverage from Nancy T and Linda always has something interesting going on at BTD.

Nick Verreos took a look at the photos from the S6 finale and called it "depressing"...

Tim Gunn, on the other hand, tells ABC News that Season 6 is "stronger than Season 5". Let's hope we all get the chance to be the judge of that.

Whither Season 6? Lifetime gets a crack in court next week, stay tuned!