Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Amanda's Take - Season 6 - Episode 3

Amanda Fields returns with her look at "Rumble on the Runway." Thanks Amanda!

Model Behavior!

In the industry, models are often booked for things that may overlap and you've just got to make an executive decision. What's better for what I want for my career? You can also ask your agents. I think Erika is probably happy modeling but is excited about pursuing acting so she took the commercial. I can relate! Also, I know that you cannot be in the Screen Actor's Guild AND be on Project Runway. That is the real reason she couldn't come back. But being in SAG brings you to a whole new level in an acting career! I am excited for Erika! I'm also glad they chose to bring back Valerie because she is a great model and seems to have fun being on the show.

Max Azria! Rachel Bilson! Surf wear! Avant GARDE surf wear!? Oh I really liked this challenge. That macrame look was also my favorite and I would have loved to model that! And, as much as I like to say that models are supposed to wear whatever they are given and work it like it's amazing.. there are some pieces that - no matter how good you are - the dislike for the outfit will show through!

Awww Mitchell! He was adorable and funny, great for tv! He should definitely go into hosting!

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