Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BPR Interview with Mitchell Hall

Hi BPR! Thanks for the love post! I haven't been reading the blogs, but my mom read yours to me and it really meant a lot, what a ride!

1. How hard was it to wait out the year between the filming of the show and the air date of this episode?

The wait was fine, it was the apprehension that was so difficult. I knew what happened while I was in Los Angeles but I wasn't sure how I was going to be portrayed, what was going to be shown on television and what was going to be edited out and edited together. We see the shows the same time as you do! There was certainly a sense of relief for me when my time on Project Runway ended.

2. Who did you watch the show with?

I have to be honest I haven't watched episodes 2 or 3 yet! I think I'll wait until Season 6 comes out on DVD or at least until things die down. I did watch the premiere with my closest friends and a few fans of the show - there was great food and a lot of champagne involved! My friends and family have always been such strong supporters of anything I do and Project Runway was no different.

3. Were you surprised by anything that you saw in the episode? Were you surprised by anything that you heard in the confessionals?

I can only reference what I've heard from my boss Heather who is Project Runway's, and Blogging Project Runway's biggest fan and the only person I've really talked to about the show. From what I know from her I'm disappointed that more credit wasn't given in the editing room to what I said on the runway and to the work that I did do on our winning pieces in challenge three.

While Ra'mon was supposed to be working on the initial design for the chiffon ombre dress that I draped and picked out the fabric for, I was working on a completely reversible swimsuit, which is no small task. When Tim sprung the extra piece, Ra'mon abandoned the chiffon dress until the end, I worked to finish the swimsuit and we worked together on the Avant Garde part of the challenge- I may have only been creatively involved in that simple design but as team leader I did nix several looks that would've certainly put us in the bottom two. I will admit that I was completely surprised that our final looks won the challenge!

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