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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

From The Mailbox

Jillian Lewis is on the cover of ALIVE magazine and will be hosting St. Louis Fashion Week in October.
Click here for the interview.

A highlight:

ALIVE: When did it become your business?
JL: I set up this little factory in my basement and started making warm-up pants for the dance school I went to. I designed them and sold them for $35 a pair, which was a major mistake; they were way too much work to sell for $35 a pair. It was a huge undertaking and so I had no life, and my boyfriend broke up with me because I spent no time with him. So, yeah, I've been a workaholic since a very young age.

Jillian and Lewaa will also be ringing the NASDAQ bell during Fashion Week.
Click here for details.

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Ronnie Kroell (Make Me a Supermodel) will be walking in Malan Breton's Sept. 14th Show.

Attention Chicago: Coach House is hosting a Project Runway viewing party on Thursday. Click here for details.

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