Monday, September 20, 2010

Tim Gunn's Vlog: "I'm NOT An Idiot!"

Note: See latest updates at bottom of the post. A copy of the video has been posted!

Tim Gunn's Episode 8 video blog is a must see. The behind the scenes story on the production of "A Rough Day On The Runway" is far more entertaining than what we saw Thursday night. Something seemed amiss about this challenge and the way the judges acted on the runway and now we know why. It was simply flat out incompetence by Bunim-Murray. A few bullet points:
  • The challenge started out as a period piece costume that was going to be worn by Katie Holmes, but the designers would not be told!
  • After the Katie Holmes/Jackie O angle went away, it became a dancewear challenge and Tim showed up on shooting day at the assigned studio, but no one was there. He had to find the shooting location on his own.
  • Tim: "The whole notion that we would even associate Jackie Kennedy with American sportswear is a stretch."
  • Tim stepped into the judging circle to clarify what the designers had been told the challenge was since it was clear they had a different idea.

Tim's frustration with the production of Project Runway grows with each successive season. Kudos to him for sharing this fascinating peek behind the scrim. We are "hot and bothered" right along with you Tim!

UPDATE: The video has been taken down. Was Tim being too honest? We imagine the Bunim-Murray brass could not have been pleased. Memo to B-M: take care of your talent!

UPDATE #2: Gina Carbone took a few more notes! Click here for her summary of Tim's Vlog entry.

Update #3: Reader Liz Lemon saved it and has it posted! Click here for the video.

Update #4: The New York Post joins in the fray. Tim says Lifetime didn't make him do it, he took it down himself. Meanwhile, has also posted the video.

Update #5: Liz Lemon has marked the video private and it is unavailable once again. The conspiracy continues!

Update #6: The video has re-emerged! Click here to see Tim's now legendary take on Episode 8.