Friday, June 10, 2011

Christopher Straub and Tim Gunn

Click here for a new interview with Project Runway Season 6 designer, Christopher Straub, from "Intown Rundown."

Here is a highlight:

You won the first challenge of the season, with Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge. I want to hear all about the judges!

C: I definitely loved having Lindsay Lohan there. She liked my dress so obviously I like her! We actually didn’t really get to meet (the judges) but it was great to see them. Like, Christina Aguilera was on our season but we didn’t actually get to hug her, or talk to her or anything like that. They keep the judges really separate from the contestants.

You did get to work with Tim Gunn. What is he like?

C: That was a side-by-side kind of thing – that was really wonderful. He’s exactly how he seems on the show. Very nurturing, very helpful but he lets you think for yourself.

What do you think about the way you were portrayed on TV?

C: I actually felt really good about what they made my character on the show. A lot of my friends had come up to me after the program aired and said, “I was worried that on television you’d be a whole different person,” but they all felt like they were just watching me. So everything that I said, did, my mannerisms, they didn’t manipulate me to be someone I’m not and they didn’t really edit out any of my personality. I feel really fortunate actually!