Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Runway Fashion Show Field Report from Trish O'Shea

BPR Field Reporter Trish O'Shea attended this morning's event and sends us this report. Thanks Trish!

I love summer vacation!

As a teacher, I'm able to attend an early morning Project Runway event in New York City on a whim! Project Runway hosted a "live runway challenge event" this morning in Battery Park City, mostly as a promotion for the Season 9 premiere on July 28.

Since my boyfriend works in Manhattan, I got up early and headed "downtown" with him. I was at the site by around 7 a.m. (two hours before it was scheduled to start.) I was told to "hang around" because the line would be forming soon, but I decided to find a store to grab two things - breakfast and an umbrella!

I got back around 7:30 and one of the people in charge told myself and the few others waiting around that the best place to view the show would be at the playground, which was elevated and situated just above the press viewing area. The spot worked out fine, except that I couldn't hear what the judges said to the press before the show started.

The show was scheduled to start at 9, but at exactly 9 a.m., it began to rain steadily. Since we were right on the water, it was cool and a bit breezy. The crew did a fantastic job keeping everything dry and once they got rid of the paper towels and got real towels, the runway was safe for the girls to walk on as the rain stopped as the judges made their way to the press area. The designers arrived next, led by Tim Gunn. Once Heidi said, "Let's get this started before the rain starts again!" things got underway!

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