Monday, July 15, 2013

Conference Call With Tim Gunn

Here are some highlights of Tim's conference call this morning:

Please tell us about the new interactive features for season 12.

Viewers will be able to provide immediate feedback online.

(Join each Thursday night beginning at 9:00 EST to join the interactive fun. ) 

What else is new for season 12?

I come out with the models after the runway show and the Q & A and stand before the judges so that they can examine the garments more closely.  I am also able to provide information to the judges about what happened in the workroom.

For instance, in the case of one of the top garments, the judges found pins in it and therefore the garment did not win.  I was able to go back to the workroom and tell the designer what had happened and EVERYONE heard it.  Afterward they were paying much closer attention to the finishing and the details.

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