Sunday, July 14, 2013

BPR Interview with Tim Gunn: What's New in Season 12?

Tim graciously joined our family for breakfast yesterday as we wrapped up a vacation in NYC. 

Of course, my first question was about the Project Runway Season 12 promotional poster.

I wondered who came up with the concept and especially, "What is the message?" that it sends.

BPR:  Tim, right off the bat, I have to ask you about the poster...

TG:  Did you hear that it is banned in LA?

BPR:  Yes!

TG:  Have you actually seen the poster?

BPR:  Only online, I haven't seen it up on a billboard or bus stop anywhere.  Have you?

TG:  No.  I haven't seen it anywhere.

BPR:  Well it is certainly getting a lot of attention.

TG:  And I think that was the intent - to be provocative.

BPR:  Whose idea was this?  Heidi's?

TG:  Lifetime.

BPR: ....and what is the message?  

TG:  It is quasi-allegorical.  Heidi is a Marie Antoinette character...

BPR:  And what about you?

TG:  Well, originally they wanted me to dress up like Louis XVI.  They wanted to paint my nails black and put kohl around my eyes - sort of like a french vampire.  But honestly I had thirty minutes and there just wasn't enough time.  The photographer's studio was about a 30-minute drive from the set and I had a schedule to keep.  

BPR:  Were the models actually there with you or were they added later?

TG:  Oh they were there, they were all there ready to go, and finally we decided that I would just wear the suit and Heidi was on her throne and the photographer was moving the models - a little this way, to the left, to the right, higher, lower, adjusting the lights and it was just ridiculous.  

Finally someone suggested that they just get the photo with the stage and Heidi and I and add the models later - so that is what they finally did.  So, yes, in the end it was photoshopped!

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