Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Runway's Zac Posen on Season 12

Project Runway judge, Zac Posen, graciously participated in a conference call yesterday and answered our questions about the new season.  

Here are some highlights:

Q: I wanted to know what you think of the new opportunities on Project Runway this season, especially the Tim Gunn rescue? 

 Zac Posen: I always value mentors and educators to the highest regard. I’ve had incredible teachers and mentors throughout my career and through my schooling and often your mentor becomes a form of your collaborator and your guide.

 I wanted to get behind the scenes with every episode but that’s not my place in the show. So, I think it’s wonderful that Tim has the ability when he sees something, from the behind the scenes, which we’re not aware of when we’re judging, to be able once in the season to make that call. He’s an invaluable resource to the show and to designers. I also really enjoy the new change of being able to see the clothing up close, and being able to have that dialogue with Tim. 

For me creativity is much about process as it is about results.

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