Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Camila Castillo

Camila Castillo is 47 and lives in Caracas, Venezuela.

Though based in Caracas, Camila is a New York City girl at heart—with her throaty Brooklyn accent and her edgy, eccentric outfits, she reads like a brassy-Debi-Mazar-circa-1992-meets-Bjork-at-a-sober-rave. Born in NYC in 1967, 

Camila moved with her family to Venezuela as a pre-teen. She grew up surrounded by artists, and their conversations ultimately inspired her to go into fashion design. In her 20s, a strained relationship with her mother and a series of deaths in the family (her father, her grandmother and her first husband, all within a span of six months) sent Camila into a deep depression and a cycle of self-sabotage. She was addicted to pain killers for several years, but after undergoing rehab and a substantial amount of therapy, she has been clean and sober for over eight years. She's married again, to a man 15 years her junior, and has a seven-year-old son who is her biggest fan. Camila is determined to move her family out of Caracas (one of the most dangerous cities in the world) and pursue her dreams in NYC.

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