Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Oscar Garcia-Lopez

Oscar Garcia-Lopez is 40 and lives in Coral Gables, FL.

This Cuban refugee is immensely passionate, and driven by his love for design. His exquisite evening wear is embellished with ornate details that definitely have a wow factor. 

 Oscar made two attempts to flee Cuba before he found his way to freedom, moving to Mexico to pursue a singing career and four years later immigrating to Miami. Though it was hard for him to be separated from his family, he focused all his energy on becoming a designer, painstakingly teaching himself to sew and make patterns. He now has a loyal clientele of Miami society ladies for whom he creates lavish custom garments. Oscar was finally reunited with his family, and was able to say goodbye to his father who passed away only two months after arriving in the U.S. In spite of all the adversity he has experienced, he has an indomitable spirit and always sees the glass as half full.

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