Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BPR Top 5: 2nd Place

Michael Knight took one look at his dress and he didn't like it. He was attempting to modernize Pam Grier in the Iconic Statement challenge and something just wasn't quite working. Using nothing more than pink silk, he had paired a gorgeous halter top with a plain pencil skirt. In a classic "make it work" moment of inspiration he came up with a solution: hot pants.

In a season filled with drama, Michael always managed to stay out of the fray. Respectful and polite, he let his design work do the talking for him. Is it any wonder that he was the fan favorite? "I'm just trying to stick to my guns and stay true to who I am as a designer", he said. His solution to this challenge personified the thoughtfulness and creativity he showed throughout Season 3.

The pairing with Nazri here was a match made in heaven. To say that her walk in this outfit was fierce is an understatement. We're pretty sure that Bravo edited out the scene where Michael Kors was cowering under his chair as Foxy Brown...sorry, Nazri...walked by, fearful she would squash him.

Michael and Nazri walked right off the runway and onto the pages of Elle Magazine in a TRESemme ad as the reward for winning this challenge. It made a very strong showing in our Top 5 poll as well, finishing 2nd. Congratulations Michael!