Sunday, October 08, 2006

BPR Top 5 Looks: 4th Place

It was no surprise to learn that Jeffrey Sebelia and Santino Rice were friends. The two Los Angeles-based designers share many similarities. Supremely self-confident, Jeffrey has the Santino-like penchant to talk himself into trouble. This would quickly earn him the title as Season 3's bad boy. Also like Santino, he has the "mad skillz" to come up with some stunning designs.

In Couture du Jour, the six remaining designers were presented with a formidable challenge: create an evening dress that incorporated couture methods in its construction. It would also have to travel well as the judging would take place both in Paris and New York. With just two days to finish and 300 euros to spend, Jeffrey decided to be bold.

He selected a combination of yellow plaids and tartans that didn't look like much on the dressform. But it sure came to life on his models. Guest judge Catherine Malandrino wrote "Magnifique!" on her scorecard, surrounded by stars. "More than anything, I want people to just smile when they look at this gown," Jeffrey would go on to say.

Freed creatively by immunity and receiving a big assist from his model Marilinda's attitude and convincing walk on the runway, this hand-sewn dress brought Jeffrey his second straight win. It was a winner in our poll too, finishing fourth in the BPR Top 5 looks from Season 3. Congratulations Jeffrey!