Friday, October 06, 2006

BPR Top 5 Preview

Thanks to everyone here and at TwoP for voting in our "Top 5 Looks from Season 3" poll. We've tallied the scores and the judges will reveal the winners beginning tomorrow! This season, there was no runaway winner like we saw with Andrae Gonzalo's dirty gutter water dress.

We received 427 entries between the two boards and one thing is certain - fashion surely is a matter of individual taste. Of the 90 possible designs from Season 3 that could have been chosen, 67 of them received at least one vote. And some of your choices were, lets just say interesting : surprise Top 5 votes were registered for Angela's "Jubilee Jumbles" outfit and Vincent's recycle design.

Garments that earned their designers the auf made some of your Top 5, including Malan's Miss USA gown (1 vote), Katherine's dog challenge dress (2 votes), Bonnie's INC design (1 vote), Alison's recycle dress (1 vote) and Kayne's Black and White challenge dress (2 votes). Stacey Estrella is the only designer who did not receive at least one vote!

So make sure to check back tomorrow as we unveil the 5th place finisher. You'll have one more chance to reflect on the designs and share what you liked so much about them. We will then count down the Top 5, one each day, leading up to the winner on Wednesday, just in time for Part 1 of the finale. We'll see how many of your choices made the BPR Top 5 !