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Sunday, October 01, 2006

From the Mailbox

Diana Eng's team wins the Yahoo Hack Day Top Prize! Thanks Viviane.

Now for something different! Two sisters have a podcast about project runway. Fun!

Macy's must love reality shows. Thanks Valerie.

We have a field report from the LA Event at Alpha Gear. This is Veteran Beeper JRT with his wife and Andrae and Nick. Don't they look great? JRT got there a little late but had a wonderful time. More reports are coming in!

This made my day:

Dear Laura,

My boyfriend and I were planning on dressing up as Jeffrey and
Angela for Halloween. I found a bubble skirt on sale, but it's
woefully plain. Could you give me quick instructions on how to
make some fleurchons to Angela-ize it?

Thanks so much,

Anyone else planning to dress as Project Runway personalities for Halloween? Surely we have some Tim Gunns!