Thursday, October 05, 2006

From the Mailbox

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Several of you are asking about places in your hometown where you can watch the Project Runway Finale with a group of fans.

Here is one from Elise: (I love the last line.)

I was wondering if people could start compiling lists in different cities of bars that they know will be showing the final episode. A group of us in New York don't know where we can go to watch it. Plus, watching the final episode with a bunch of random strange fans would be really fun..

So, we are counting on the BPR community to let us know about bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. that will be airing the show. Thanks - just post in the comments.

Next we have a message from Jen in Portland that her question was asked on the Reunion Show! It was the one for Tim about whether he was a designer! Great question, Jen. Congratulations!

Here is a suggestion and analysis from Kora about what would happen if the Project Runway judges used a point system... What system DO they use anyway?

Did you see the finalists on The Today Show? They were working on some projects for a charity. Here is a link to the website. Thanks Rebecca.