Friday, October 06, 2006

From The Mailbox

First, BIG NEWS from Nick Verreos! He is designing a line of prom gowns for Windsor Fashions. Scroll halfway down for the article. Thanks David.

Next, here is an article about the Cape Cod shop where Laura's Couture Gown wound up! Thanks Wendie, Valerie and Karen.

We should have a report soon from our own field reporters. Meanwhile more on Tim Gunn's visit to DC from The DCist,(Thanks Deb,) and Kathryn.

After reading the Washington Post article, Deb did some research and came up with this, and this about Tim's great-grandfather Harry Wardman. (Or is it Henry Wardman?)

Last - some fun from David and Youtube. What would happen if the girls from Flavor of Love appeared on Project Runway? See for yourself.