Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Katy's Take: The Reunion

Season 3 designer Katherine Gerdes is back again this week with an exclusive look at The Reunion episode. Despite what we saw on TV, she was actually there!

So before I start talking about the reunion show, let me just remind everyone that I’m still under contract, so I cannot give any “dirt” or behind the scenes info. Sorry!

So as I’m sure everyone knows, we shoot the reunion show a few days before the final OFW fashion show. It’s really the first time that most of us are in contact since the taping and for the most part it was really great to see everyone and talk to them about what’s going on in their lives. Sadly we don’t get to have any interaction with the final four, other than the actual reunion taping, so I didn’t get to talk to them much other than to congratulate them and get some contact info. I have to say that while I’d rather be in their position and showing, it was kind of nice to be involved in PR stuff and not be stressed out! The only thing the rest of us designers were a bit stressed about was whether or not we might get called to help with a “surprise” challenge like they did last season… none of us really wanted to get thrown back into it again!

Okay…so the reunion show… It seems that most people know this, but the hour you see on the show is really only a fraction of the hours and hours and hours of taping that we sit through. My main reaction to the show was that the editing really only seemed to focus on the same people that the show focused on (no surprises there). I think there were a few of us who felt like it was almost pointless to be there since we felt that if we didn’t say something mean or dramatic, that it wouldn’t get shown. Plus, obviously, with the editing and the small amount of time they have, not everyone’s part of each conversation gets shown. So for times like the “Amateur” conversation with Vincent, the things that I said didn’t really get shown, they only show Vincent cutting me off. I understand that they have to edit it down, but the only way I can explain how it feels is that imagine you’re listening to a conversation and really want to be a part of it, but you’re not allowed to talk. Grrr…. Oh well.

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