Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Katy's Take: What The Elle?

Season 3 contestant Katherine Gerdes is back again with commentary on Episode 11. It's a BPR exclusive!

Phew! No one is going home! Is this the happiest ending on Project Runway ever? It’s been so hard to not slip and let it out that there was no “decoy” fashion show this year! At least I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I know it might just seem like a plot twist from Bravo to let all 4 designers compete for the final prize, but I really think all 4 of them deserve to show and it would have been really hard to cut one. Here’s the way I see it… I think it is going to be really interesting to see what Laura will put out on the runway, because you know the style it will be, but she was told specifically NOT to show 12 plunging v-necks and I’m curious to see what else she can do. No matter what, you know Jeffery’s collection is going to be entertaining and not boring or safe in anyway! Uli falls under the same category as Laura, really pretty designs, but what will she do for the runway when she knows she can’t send out 12 printed, flowy frocks? Michael is the wildcard. He has such a broad range that you really have no idea what he’ll send out and that makes me curious to see it! To be completely honest, this is not the final 4 designers I would have picked, but if this is the final 4 that the judges chose, then I want to see ALL of their runway shows.

Okay, on to the challenge. I don’t know about all of you or the other designers, but for me, I think this challenge would have been the hardest. I find it much easier to work within a “box” of rules and try to push the boundaries of what I can and can’t do. It also helps when they narrow it down for you; “today you must design a dress,” see how much easier that is then “today you can design whatever you want?” You know it has to be a dress, and now you can spend time thinking about how to make it “your” dress and something that no one else will do. I’m guessing this is why both Michael and Uli struggled for a while on this challenge, well that and the stress of it being the final elimination!

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