Monday, October 09, 2006

An Open Letter From Keith Michael

Seems like everyone is bitter that I might be actually telling the truth. Look- here’s how it goes- we were NOT told in contract or letter that we could NOT bring books. SO- I BROUGHT BOOKS! IS THIS SUCH A FOREIGN CONCEPT- HAVE WE GONE SO FAR BACK IN TIME THAT BOOK BURNINGS ARE BACK IN FASHION???? When we arrived we were all quarantined, and our bags went through a “customs” check. Unlike the way you see on TV- all of us arriving with our bags to happy Atlas House- we were all held in “cell” apartments though-out the city. There, ALL of our clothes, bags- everything was thoroughly searched, inspected and checked within the first few minutes of our arrival. I was told IMMEDIATELY that I would NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THOSE BOOKS AND THEY WERE REMOVED FROM MY POSSESION THAT INSTANT!

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