Wednesday, October 04, 2006

T.G.I.W. (Part 2)

Is everyone ready for Keith's return tonight? Because there is no elimination this evening we will not have a play-by-play, only the party and reaction threads. We'll do our best to keep everyone well informed of the happenings in the party room, so make sure to tune in.

Meanwhile, lets take a peek in the mailbox:

Look, Cher's having a garage sale! One item of particular note hanging on the rack is this outfit which includes a Cosa Nostra original jacket designed by Jeffrey Sebelia. Isn't it iconic?

New to Project Runway? Here's a primer from a fellow addict in the Lincoln Journal Star. Thanks Karen.

We're starting to receive notices for finale viewing parties from all across the country. If you are in the Virginia Beach area, you may want to check out BPR recapper fave Amber's party. She has a super-cool pad, as evidenced by this feature on her in today's Christian Science Monitor. You know this party will be filled with snarky fun!

Reminder: if you haven't voted yet in our Top 5 Looks from Season 3 poll, do so now! Deadline for your vote to count in the tally is midnight tonight.

We're getting closer to the reunion! Who will be the first one to shed tears tonight?