Wednesday, October 04, 2006


First, this article about large families (YAY!) includes a mention of Laura Bennett. Thanks Wendie, T&L.

Next, Archie sends this article about the rise of Bravo. There is a shoutout to BPR! I'll just cut to the good part:

Whether or not the strategy is working is hard to say. Runway fans, at least, are talking about their show. After the Fashion Week event, fans eager to discuss the details posted 953 comments in 24 hours to

Meanwhile I got a little note from Diana Eng:

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the congratulations, and shout out on your site!

I've just uploaded my blog with info about the yahoo hack day competition. (Click here.)

Here is another story about Diana's hack day win! Thanks JF.

Wishing for some news about Santino Rice? Here is an article from Fort Wayne. Thanks Karen.

Last - it's the story that refuses to die - Yes, eonline, UPI, and Yahoo TV are all rehashing the "Laura accuses Jeffrey of outsourcing his sewing" story. Let's just watch what happens, okay? I'm including them in the interest of being the "complete" source of Project Runway news - but there is nothing new in these articles that we haven't already speculated about.

Just as an interesting aside.... I was in a local boutique last week which carries the Cosa Nostra line and it is completely fabulous! The boutique owners proudly showed me every single garment, and I even tried a piece on - a coat - which was gorgeous.

All of the designs are fascinating, unique, beautifully made and vey expensive. Jeffrey has a wonderful career already as a designer and surely his appearance on Project Runway will only add to his success. Go ahead - accuse me of being too nice. I can take it!