Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Memo and Mail

Wow - what a night and what an episode! This one will keep us talking all week long. Yesterday was the biggest day in BPR history - 114,000 hits and 42,000 + first time visitors. Welcome all to BPR.

We appreciate your passion and invite you to join in on what we consider to be the most intelligent PR discussion site on the web. We had to work extra hard last night keeping the reactions thread relatively clean. For all of you new to BPR, we insist that you read and follow our commenting guidelines before posting. Please, no profanity, no links, no in-fighting. State your opinion and move on. Be nice and play fair. Thanks!

Many of you have been asking about the photos from the PR OFW show. Minor spoiler warning for those who would rather wait to see the collections next week. Click here for links to the photos.

Off to the mailbox:

Here's an update on Alison Kelly from The Boston Globe. Thanks Karen and Susan.

TV Guide has put together a nice, organized compilation of PR-themed YouTube videos. We've seen most of these already, but they are still funny! Thanks Susan.

Ever dream of being a PR judge? Here's your chance! Thanks Ceg.

Thank you everyone for helping make BPR so special and fun. Check back in this afternoon for the early recaps!