Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tim Gunn Chosen "Leading Man of 2006" by Instinct Magazine!

Hi Laura,

I wanted to let you know that Tim Gunn was chosen to be our Leading Man Of 2006 for our November issue cover story. We had the pleasure of conducting a wonderful interview with him, where was charming, extremely funny and also very open for the first time about his past.

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ETA: Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Not only has Gunn become a household name, he’s often touted by Runway’s contestants more as a father figure than a Mr. Nasty. “Really, it’s the most complimentary thing I could possibly hear,” he says. “It comes from years of teaching. I’ve learned how to read a room and you can just tell when you’re going too far with something. Then, not only does it badly impact the person with whom you’re speaking, but it’s unnerving to the people around them.”

Best regards,

Robbie Daw
Managing Editor
Instinct Magazine